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Our lives are celebrated by milestones. Milestones that tell a family’s story. But whether those lives extend into the Golden Years or suddenly end, there is a time when we need to honor that life. A personal family monument, called a pre-need can give permanent expression to those very special lives.

One of the easiest arrangements you can make now, is choosing how you wish to be remembered by your loved ones, by purchasing your family monument. Selecting your monument today, insures that your surviving family will not be faced with choosing at a time that is already difficult for them. A pre-need purchase removes an emotional decision from your family and can help them from emotional overspending.

At Luken Memorials, we believe the choice of a family monument should be made as carefully as you would make any other important investment. Unfortunately, most families don’t have the knowledge that is needed to make that decision. We are willing to give the time and attention you need to make the best choice for you.