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My husband and I have considered purchasing a memorial now, so our kids won’t be burdened with doing it after our deaths, but the cost of the investment is a concern. Can we make payments on the memorial?

Purchasing a memorial while both husband and wife are in good health makes perfect sense and children are usually grateful that their parents were thoughtful enough to pre-plan a memorial, relieving themof that obligation at a difficult time. And yes, at Luken Memorials you can purchse your pre-need memorial by making monthly, interest-free payments.

Are we restricted to certain sizes and shapes at Luken Memorials or can we have a memorial made to our specifications?

Luken Memorials takes pride in customizing memorials, designing each memorial to be special for the family that purchases it. These special features can include unique shapes or personalized laser images, created by our talented design staff. *To see a sample of unique memorials, click on “Memorials” then select “Custom” or “Concept” memorials.

After I purchase, how will I know I’ll be getting what I wanted?

You’ll receive a professionally prepared, computer assisted “layout” showing all of the features you’ve requested. The layout will be don “to scale” and you’ll be able to make adjustments or corrections. Nothing will be carved into the granite until you have approved the layout.

I’ve seen several black granite memorials in newer areas of the cemeteries, so I know it must be a popular color. Does black granite cost the same as the other colors?

The purest, darkest black granite and is found overseas and must be imported to the US. Transportation does add some cost but that added cost is somewhat off-set by the lower labor costs associated with the quarrying and finishing processes overseas. Pure black granite is mid-range priced… not the most costly and not the least.

Is all the black granite the same quality?

As with many things you purchase, all granite is available in different qualities. Black granite is available in various shades, from North American “charcoal” black to the darkest, highest quality Pure black granite, preferred by Luken Memorials, which is quarried overseas and must be imported. You should also be aware that some “too good to be true” inexpensive black granites are actually gray granites that are “dipped” in black stain. These granites will not retain their dark appearance and will fade over time.

If I want a new memorial in place for Memorial Day, when should I make the purchase?

The process of designing, carving and installing a memorial will often take about 12 weeks from the initial time of the sale, and rainy Spring days often add delays. Ideally, a memorial of standard size, shape, and color should be purchased prior to March 1st, to allow for sufficient time for installation by the end of May.

What happens if my memorial settles or tilts after it has been installed in the cemetery?

Luken Memorials adheres to very high standards in all phases of production and installation of memorials. Installers are Luken employees (not a sub-contractor) and are trained to follow Luken’s guidelines when installing your memorial. If settling or tilting occurs, the family should contact Luken Memorials and a Luken employee will inspect the memorial, determine the cause and discuss options with the family.

My wife and I are considering purchasing our pre-need memorial. When a death date needs to be added, will the memorial have to be taken back to the carving facility for the work to be done?

Death date inscriptions can be done in the cemetery. Luken Memorials has a Luken employee (not a sub-contractor) do this work. He has a vehicle with all the necessary tools – portable compressor, stencils and sandblasting tools – to perfectly match letter font styles in the cemetery. And because he is located in the areas that we service, death date inscriptions are generally completed in a timely manner.